Sassybear’s Sunday Seven

Welcome to the inaugural” Sassybear’s Sunday Seven” post – a reflection of seven different things that happened during the last week.

Something I worried about: My weight and my dog (he has a cold.) My weight is not decreasing so I need to examine what I am doing (or not doing) and adjust it so I can achieve success. (No tips please. I’m almost 52 years old and have been fighting the battle of the bulge my entire life, so I’m well versed in all the techniques, thanks.) Harvey has a cold (maybe he caught it at the Kennel) He sounds a little congested and and when he sneezes, his whole body shakes and it appears to scare him. Poor little guy. We’re making sure he drinks lots of water, stays warm, and gets loots of rest

Something I saw: An add for all-gay cruise company which touts itself as specifically not a “circuit party cruise.” It sounded rather appealing, as did several of the destinations, until we started checking out the prices. Ouch! A bit out of our tax bracket, I’m afraid.

Something I heard: A wonderful playlist Siri put together specifically for me based on songs and albums I’ve listened to. SO far, I’ve loved every song…some known, some not. Nice job, Siri!

Something I tasted: Arepas! We discovered a favorite local Venezuelan restaurant (Oh Corn!) that had moved to a new location last summer now delivers to our area. We haven’t eaten there since they moved, so it was a real treat to enjoy their food again. Because most of their menu is corn based, 95% of their food is naturally gluten free. We ordered our favorite: the chicken and avocado Arepa! It’s just a coincidence that it’s called “The Queen.”

Something I learned: The third issue of a 3 issue comic book mini-series I’ve been trying to track down has never been printed. It’s an older series (1990s) from a smaller independent company (i.e. not Marvel or DC) which has a “next issue” blurb at the end of issue two. I googled it and kept finding references to issue three, so i scoured comic websites until I FINALLY came across a website where you can donate money to the creators to help fund the creation of the third issue, which has not been completed yet. Oy vey!

Something I accomplished: Updating my Blog Roll (finally) to accurately reflect who I’m following these days, including updating some Blog Names of long time blogger buddies. And, as mentioned yesterday, getting my basement and collection reorganized.

Something I bought: Three (3) new Green Lantern Travel Mugs from 3 different sites – all replicas of the one I recently dropped and broke. Fool me once…..

Feel free to play along in the comments or your own blog.

10 thoughts on “Sassybear’s Sunday Seven

  1. Oh dear. I hope Harvey heals up soon. I just looked up whether people can get dog colds and it appears they (mostly) can’t, so at least he won’t infect anybody else in your household.

    I am now curious as to what this comic book series might be, and what songs Siri has been recommending.


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