Dinner Parties

Whatever happened to dinner parties?

Hosting a group of friends for dinner.

Discussing everything under the sun over a home cooked meal, enjoying your beverage of choice.

Sharing a laugh.

Reminiscing about yesteryear.

Speculating about the future.

Just enjoying being in each others’ company.

How can I miss something I never experienced?

8 thoughts on “Dinner Parties

  1. COVID happened, for one.

    But I am pretty sure you have had people over for dinner in the past — with the BFJ and his hubs, if nothing else. These may have been less stressful than actual dinner parties, but I think they are pretty close.

    In hippy-dippy land potlucks continued to be a thing. This could be hell for those with unusual food allergies, but it was seen as a pretty common social occasion. (Not that I have been invited to a potluck for years now.)

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    • Nah! They stopped WAY before COVID was a thing.

      I don’t think having company and serving dinner for 4 is the same thing as a dinner party, so I don’t count that. Maybe way back when we used to do “Friendsgiving” for for 6 of us…

      Yeah, my gluten allergy makes eating at other People’s homes risky.

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  2. For two years, I had a potluck once a month. No one else had them, at least not in this group. Sometimes, we cooked out. Often it was picnic style with tables of food. I decorated the yard with candles on all the tables in old pottery. I loved it.


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