Wednesday is “W” Day, apparently!

Where Have I Been? To Binghamton, NY last weekend. The event we attended was a bit disappointing and during our exploration of the area, it saddened me to see so much poverty. Appreciate what you have, folks.

What was my view like? The Hotel room was standard, it overlooked a parking lot, the hotel itself was clean, and the Gala was beautifully lit in blue light.

Who have I seen?  My hubby, my dog, the folks at the Kennel, and my Postal Worker.

What have I been eating?  Mostly Low Calorie foods: lean meats, fruits, and vegetables…and a Pizza (for shame!)

What have I been reading? Digital Comics and Blogs 

What was my biggest challenge of the week? Sticking to our exercise routine and making it through work each day.

Was it what I expected?   Pretty much. It’s the daily routine around here.

Who deserves an atta-boy! Our waitress at the hotel dining room Saturday morning. Despite being overwhelmed (they were short staffed) she was cheery and friendly and hustled her but off. We tipped her quite handsomly to acknowledge her hard work..

Who deserves a slap?  Depends on where I’m slapping them *smirk*

What have I been chasing? A lower weight.

What am I planning?  A major house cleaning.

Where to next? Hartford CT next weekend to celebrate the BFJs 55th!

9 thoughts on “Wednesday is “W” Day, apparently!

  1. Only 1180 days of the exercise routine to go! Keep up the good work, cute gay bear instructor!

    Where would you be slapping Miss Lindsey Graham?

    Although I am a Poor I am not yet a Destitute, and I would agree that there is some dire poverty even in America. I will admit that it is sometimes jarring to read about how other bloggers live.


  2. I love this update! Yeah, the poverty thing is depressing. It was really bad where I once lived, and it’s spreading everywhere. I don’t see an end in sight, sadly.


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