Odds n Ends

After starting a small crocheted snowman prior to the 2021 holiday season, I FINALLY finished it in January of this year, just in time to send it to one of my blog readers and good friends, Glen, for his birthday:

I’m embarrassed at how long it took me to finish this little dude. It’s a 3-4 hour project at most (for me) but it took me 15 months to finish because I never sat to do more than a row or two of stitches at a time.. .YIKES!

For Valentine’s Day this year I made Jeffrey a special dinner of Filet Mignon and set the dinner table as was appropriate for the day, complete with some white chocolate (his favorite) and candy hearts stamped with sayings from the TV Show “Friends” (one of our favorite shows that we are notorious for quoting endlessly.) I also got to use our favorite dishes!

I’m pleased to report the Roses are fully bloomed and still looking lush as of today:

Here is a picture of the art work “painted” by resident giraffes at the Animal Adventure Park. These were among the many “animal painted” pieces of art work up for auction at the Gala we attended this past weekend. (We did not bid on any.)

These are pics of Harvey just after we picked him up from the Kennel on Sunday, looking all grown up in his new car seat, which sits between us strapped to the center console.

We had the day off yesterday for “Presidents’ Day”, so we spent several hours constructing a Lego scene from “The Office,” a Christmas gift for Jeffrey. This was Jeffrey’s first time constructing a Lego set with me (and ever) and he did a great job and really enjoyed himself.

He brought it to work this morning and has it on display in his office:

Please DON’T Exterminate, Mr. Dalek!

And, in final, sad news, I dropped and cracked my favorite Green Lantern travel mug three days ago:

I can’t locate another one like it anywhere. Coffee in my car (Mogo) on the way to work will never be the same again. Sigh….

Stay safe, all!

11 thoughts on “Odds n Ends

    • We actually use our Ninja Foodi grill with a meat thermometer and a preset for medium rare beef. We preheat the grill, season with salt & pepper, then grill for about 8 minutes, with one flip halfway through. Comes out perfect every time.


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