Back on the weight loss wagon

We completed our 8th day in a row of doing an Apple Fitness 30 minute dance-aerobic work out and monitoring our calorie intake. I know it’s just been a week, but I’m already feeling better about myself and excited to be back on the weight loss journey. It’s fun trying to learn the dance steps, and we’re so divided on learning the steps (and watching the cute gay bear instructor). I know it’s a long way back to the size and weight I am comfortable being, but every journey begins with the first step.

Tonight, I’m rewarding myself with a calorie conscious cocktail: Absolute Mandarin Orange Vodka with juice from half a blood orange.

It tastes as good as it look.

I hope to reach my goal weight by the end of the year, if not sooner. But I’m not rushing it or setting unrealistic goals. I will accept any progress, no matter how small, as a success. The key is to keep exercising and making smart food choices.

Also, I’m picking up some groovy new dance steps!


12 thoughts on “Back on the weight loss wagon

  1. No screenshots of the cute gay bear instructor? Fine. I see how it is.

    I want you to be healthy, so I hope this new regime works to establish some good long-term habits. Practicing the Most Austere Diet sounds well and good until the excitement wears off and one realizes that one is supposed to maintain this stringent eating indefinitely. You have much more self-control than I do, so I hold out hope.


    • I’ll see what I can do about a pic. He’s so adorable.

      I’m really not going to any extreme, that’s why i’m giving myself a year to lose the weight. I’m just cutting out snacking between meals and sweets and sticking to meat, fruits, and veggies. I know being too severe won’t last.


  2. Congrats on your new dance journey. I’ve also started to get back into Zumba. It’s a great way to burn a bunch of calories in a short amount of time. The husband wants to visit Spain around Easter time, so we both need to drop a few pounds before our trip.


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