Fun Day With the BFJ

After a fun night with the Hubby, the BFJ, and a guest appearance from my dear friend Rob, we slept in late, had breakfast, and then I headed out with the BFJ for a day of shopping, to give Jeffrey a quiet house for napping and relaxing.

Of course I spent WAY too much money, but got some REALLY cool things (all on sale.) Then the BFJ and I had a lovely dinner at a new favorite – the Century House.

A cozy dining room at the Century House.

Tonight, we’re having cocktails and watching our favorite movie – Moonstruck.

It was a wonderful day, indeed!

Stay safe, all!

7 thoughts on “Fun Day With the BFJ

  1. I can’t tell whether the Concerned Moms of America would be alarmed by this or not. On the one hand, spending too much money stimulates the economy, which they probably approve of.

    On the other hand: sleeping in?? One can only imagine what you were up to last evening that prohibited you from rising at a Godly hour.

    Their judgment of Moonstruck might be the tiebreaker. Do Concerned Moms of America approve of Moonstruck? Given the unseemly conduct of Olympia Dukakis during the 1988 election, I suspect not. (Oh my. Uncle Wikipedia tells me that she turned to Goddess worship. That settles it, then.)

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