The way things were

After two days and 13 hours, we went from this

to this

We’re exhausted, and there are muscles that hurt that I didn’t even know I had.

I think it’s time to admit we’re just too old for this sh*t.

I swear….next year it’s a 4 foot pre-lit tree and some candles. That’s it!

But, honestly, it’s nice to have gotten so much done this weekend. Still a little to go but that’ll be packed up in the next few days, after I get home from work.

That means, next weekend, we just get to relax and enjoy a job well done.


11 thoughts on “The way things were

  1. I love decorating and doing visual, but 2 days and 13 hours is way too long in my own house!!!! Holy shit! I took our decorations down too, then deep cleaned the house…it took us probably 7 hours. I do so much decorating for others that it gets exhausting, that I have always done a nice, natural Christmas theme, with real pines and greens and candles, and then the rest of it is old vintage things. So, the only thing to pack up is the tree and ornaments and all the bottle brush trees and Christmas pyramids. All the greens get tossed, or place in the firepit for a fire one mild night. But I will say, the house feels great, all organized, cleaned, and feels fresh to start the year.

    Now lay back dear and let me rub your muscles………


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