Down Time

We have yet to de-decorate the house. I don’t think I’ve ever had decorations up this long or this “late” in the year. But we had plans almost every day between Christmas and New Years, guests for NYE last weekend (the BFJ and his hubby and their pooch) and I’ve been sick all week (although I’m getting better.) We have another friend coming for an overnight tomorrow, so it’s too late to start now, but after she leaves Saturday, the process begins. I am going to try very hard to pace myself and go slow. We’ve got all the time in the world and no more company for awhile.

Honestly, I’m dreading it. Not having the decorations down. It will be good to have the house back to normal (although no less decorated, given how many tchotchkes we have.) Just the process. It will be long and tiring, which makes me think this may be the last year we go all out like this. And that makes me sad, because it feels like the end of something special. But it’s probably time to downsize and “KISS” (Keep It Simple, Stupid.”)

I’m trying to see the positive in this change. We have some beautiful things, so maybe removing some of the Christmas clutter will help spotlight the best of the best. A few less trees, a few less lights, a few less…everything.

My mind and body is grateful at the thought of an easier, simpler holiday, going forward.

My heart isn’t quite there yet.

9 thoughts on “Down Time

  1. My decorations always stay up till a week after New Years to enjoy one final week. They’ll be packed this weekend. But then I don’t do to much like years ago. I know many that rip them down two days later after Christmas. It’s beyond me why they don’t enjoy them till at least New Years?

    Maybe you should keep them up. Then your ahead of the game for this coming Christmas. I mean it’s only another 353 days 47 minutes and 28 seconds.

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  2. Don’t worry about leaving the decorations up for a bit. You have a good excuse! We won’t accuse you of being Papist.

    I don’t feel you need to make a decision about throwing your Christmas stuff out the window just yet. You could wait until July and see how you feel then.

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  3. Your being ill is probably why you want to give up the big decorating. You will feel differently by next year! Honestly, a big tree is beyond both of us. I miss it more than Tommy. We have a three foot tree and it is enough to keep me happy. But, you don’t seem like you and husband are beyond the decorating. I think Christmas illness and too much company have gotten to you. My tree was in the house until April one year because a horrible boyfriend would hot get it out. I should have gotten loppers and cut it apart so I could get it out. I got him out, though.


  4. Keeping it simple is a good thing. With the mini tree I bought, I put that thing in an InstaCrate and shoved it in the shop shelf in the hallway storage area. That took all of 30 seconds.

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  5. That meme is one of the reason why my Christmas tree only has white lights. I like a simple tree . . . also, I dealing with ornaments (and their hooks) annoy the crap out of me. 😉


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