22 thoughts on “2022 X-Mas Decorations

  1. Love those fluffy white throws and rainbow reindeer in the living room! In the dining room — the white trees on the table, the sideboard ornament display, the Olaf door . . . and so glad that the merman is appropriately seasonally attired too. The “Naughty or Nice: Decisions, Decisions” sign in the kitchen. The bear with his own Santa hat and tree in the bear bathroom! You even decorate your garage door? Holy moly. I hope Santa leaves you some awesome gifts in your Superman and Wonder Woman stockings too!

    What a mammoth undertaking to decorate your place every year! And then to take it all down again. Wow, you are true fans of Christmas!

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  2. Your house and decorating is spectacular! I am so impressed that I would like a tour so I could see it up close. You two have done a magnificent job. Have you ever thought about decorating for Christmas for other people? I have two guy friends two do this for other people. They are both gay and swear they are not. This is not done with each other. Both have their own little gigs each year. They both decorate for all the holidays for some people. You have much more talent! This could be your part-time gig after you retire. One of the guys is covered with glitter for about half the year. Did my Christmas card arrive?

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  3. A solid effort, but Dr Spo went to an Xmas party where there were 40 Christmas trees, and in your space I counted a mere… uh… 57? Okay, I guess you are keeping up on that front, but do you have enough scantily-clad mermen in flamingo floatation devices to properly commemorate the season?

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    • Having studied the photos more thoroughly, I still can’t come up with a favorite. Santa hat on the large merman, all three signs in the kitchen window (funny!), the snowman clings on the refrigerator, the rainbow trees in your bathroom and your back porch, the Grinch with his sleigh and bag of toys, all the Snoopys, the Peanuts gang singing around the sad little Christmas tree. There’s so much to love! And I love that you have a whole bathroom devoted to bears, and they are enjoying the holiday spirit as well.


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