18 thoughts on “Naughty behavior in gay boys soars 300%

  1. If Santa doesn’t button up his shirt he’s going to catch a chill. The last thing he needs before Xmas is to get sick. Who would deliver Jeffrey’s presents then?

    The spankee looks less like a gay boy and more like an elf, although I suppose there is some ovelap between those categories. I hope that elf is not one of Santa’s employees, and if he is then I hope you do not follow Santa’s example when one of your subordinates requires discipline.


  2. I just LURVE this – and so have now ‘saved’ it.
    If that rather ambiguous expression on Santa’s face is as big a grin as the little fella’s (as surely can be interpreted) they’re each getting as much fun as the other. ‘Give as you’d yourself like to be treated!’


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