It all started with a cup of coffee…

…coupled with a conversation, then an admission of interest, then a hand reaching out to hold another hand…and the rest, they say, is history.

I’ve spent almost half my life with Jeffrey, building a marriage, careers, a home, and a family together. It is truly amazing to live with someone who really does know me as well as i know myself. We’ve survived poverty, bigotry, chronic illness, family, COVID, and running out of gin together, and nothing has shaken us.

I think that’s worth celebrating!

19 thoughts on “It all started with a cup of coffee…

  1. Yay you two! Brilliant to celebrate as many dates (!) as possible.
    I’m listening to Sugar & Booze. Your recommendation if memory serves?
    Any other favorites I might add to my collection?

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  2. “[S]urvived […] COVID”? I presume you are talking about the time of the pandemic, and that you both stayed safe and uninfected?

    Like Nancy Reagan, I usually advocate against people using drugs, but I guess in this case coffee worked out. Don’t make it a habit, though. You wouldn’t want to end up with multiple husbands.

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  3. So happy for you both!!! Congratulations on this huge milestone. There are not many couples that can make it 25 years and remain as much in love as you two are.
    Hope that tonight you celebrate and renew your love.

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