Gone but not forgotten

I have made a concerted effort to get caught up on blog reading this week and I am happy to say I have caught up on everyone’s blog as of today. I did not comment as much as I would have liked because I read many blogs and was behind on everyone’s for about a month (hangs head in shame) but I tried to leave a comment here and there to let you know I was “back.” A big part of blogging (for me) is reciprocating reads and comments and responding to comments, as it is a very communal experience for me, and I feel bad that I have not been properly nurturing my blog relationships. The farther behind I get, the more overwhelming it gets, and then I start to have anxiety and guilt and yadda yadda yadda.

Anyhoo, I hope I’m back on track and will try to make time every day to blog and read and comment and respond, going forward. Thank you all for not dropping me like a hot potato.

Our holiday season is in full swing. What was an empty dance card a mere week ago for the month of December is suddenly full with plans and visits (some as hosts, some as visitors) and we are finding it hard to accommodate everyone and still make time for ourselves at home alone to relax and recharge. I’m not complaining, but too much of a good thing and all that. My decoration pictures have been taken, I just need to edit and crop before posting…hopefully this week. All gifts are purchased and wrapped, cards sent, and plans made. Now we get to mostly sit back and relax and enjoy the season as it comes.

Harvey seems to be back to normal and shows no further signs of injury or discomfort, physically at least. He does, however, appear to be traumatized by the new winter clothes we bought him:

Lest you think we’re “those gays” I assure you, these are practical, not just decorative. The poor guy freezes in the winter when he has to go outside, so these will help keep him a bit more comfy. We also tried booties but he won’t move when they’re on.

Work has been…less the horrible lately. Still counting the days to retirement, but grateful that things seem to be a little more bearable lately.

Health is relatively good…diet and exercise regime is not going as well as hoped but I haven’t thrown in the towel yet.

Weather has been schizo here (apologies to Spo for the bastardization of that term) – it’s freezing one day, warm the next day, and sometimes from one extreme to the other in the same day. It’s impossible to dress properly on any given day, as you will wind up cold or hot depending on the time of day.

We have been watching holiday movies and listening to holiday music (apologies to Lurker whom I can hear retching as he reads this) but we love finding new and novel holiday music…any suggestions?

Hope you bare all well. If anyone wants to stop by for cocktails in December, better let me know now…the available days are disappearing hour by hour.

Be safe, all!

12 thoughts on “Gone but not forgotten

  1. You will note that I courteously refrained from blogging this month so you would have less to catch up on.

    Although I am not much for Christmas myself I try to respect other people’s kinks even if I cannot understand them. There is only one holiday song people need for December and it is by Mariah Carey.

    I am genuinely glad work is less awful for you. Don’t tell anybody but I worry about you sometimes.


  2. Never worry about not commenting! I’m not as good at it as others. When I’m looking at blogs I usually have a dog pawing my leg to go outside. I get distracted easily.

    I’m looking forward to seeing your holiday photos!


  3. This is that magical time of the year when I’m listening to Trans-Siberian Orchestra while driving Akeno. I’m looking forward to the house photos as well.


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