Too Tired to Type

Yes, we survived Thanksgiving in CT. In fact, we had a great time. The meals were exquisite, the cocktails were flowing, and the company was fantastic. We Ubered to and from the hotel so no one was driving under the influence. We got home early Friday, completely wiped from the eating, drinking, and socializing and, aside from one or two small chores and tasks, its been a mostly lazy weekend of naps, Christmas movies, and light meals.

I did get pictures of our decorations which I will post this week, now that it’s officially the Christmas season (for us.) It’s always hard to capture the splendor and magic in pics, but I did my best.

Tonight we will get to bed early. It’s the start of another 5 day work week (sigh) so time to get back to reasonable bed times, early mornings, and soul-killing day jobs.

Hope you all had a good (or at least peaceful and safe) holiday and weekend.

11 thoughts on “Too Tired to Type

  1. We had no Thanksgiving meal because I am taking meds that make food taste off. I am not cooking that long and have a good meal that will taste off. So, that will happen later. It sounds like you had a great time and came back safe and sound. Great! The picture of the tree was astounding, so I am sure the others will be, too.


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