Operation: Decoration Day 1

We decorated from 7 am – 5pm only stopping for a quick lunch. Once we were done for the day, I whipped together a Shepherd’s Pie casserole, Jim made cosmos, and we’re relaxing, enjoying a partially decorated house, and watching “Moonstruck” (which we watch almost every time we’re together.)

I also did a quick chat with Jeffrey (who’s on his way to Mississippi, by car, to visit his family.) He had a good day driving and is nestled safe and sound in his hotel room.

Tomorrow, we get up early and start day two.

My poor body hates me so much right now! Everything hurts!

6 thoughts on “Operation: Decoration Day 1

  1. The price of beauty is pain. Or something. I trust the house is beginning to look fabulous. Say hello to Jim for me. 🙂

    How long does it take for Jeffrey to get to his family’s home in Missisisisisisppppiiii? (The fingers do what the fingers want). Hope he has a great trip.


  2. Oh, you think you’re hurting now? You better have some pain pills and water to drink first thing in the morning. Getting older is no joke.


  3. 7am to 5pm with only one break? Did you at least get paid overtime? If not maybe it is time to stand up to your moneyhungry capitalist oppressors and unionize.


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