We spent Saturday cleaning house, in preparation for having guests on Monday for Halloween, which led to many reorganizing and purging projects…no drawer or cabinet was safe. What should have been a 2-3 hour job turned into a 5-6 hour job. (This is a quality of mine my husband does not particularly love…my inability to discover something disorganized and leave it be to focus on the task at hand.) I am pleased to announce there is no longer a cabinet full of expired meds, a drawer full of a tangled wires and plugs, and the cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink have never looked so well organized and accessible. After that, we treated ourselves to a pizza and martinis and watched “Ghostbusters: Afterlife.” It wasn’t fantastic, but it was entertaining enough, and it starred Paul Rudd, who’s one of the men on my “Freebie List.” We stayed up way too late, but really enjoyed our evening.

This morning, I woke up at 6:30am with a soar throat (uh-oh!) and feeling kinda crappy (again.) I moved to the lounge in the living room, accompanied by my sidekick Harvey the cure bomb, where I immediately feel back to sleep until 10:30am. I woke up to Jeffrey sleeping on the couch next to me, and we sluggishly made our way through breakfast, and then i took an at-home COVID test (which was negative, thankfully) before completing our only chore today: replacing the old air chamber on our Sleep Number bed with the new one that arrived earlier in the week.

It was actually WAY easier than we expected, and would have done it the day we get the new chamber if we had realized there wasn’t more to it.

After this INCREDIBLY exhausting task (*smirk*) we returned to lounging mode and finished up the latest season of the animated “Young Justice” series on HBO Max while I drifted in and out of sleep. We had a late lunch (left over pizza) so decided to skip a proper dinner for some Gouda cheese with slices of Hickory Farm beef Summer Sausage, while watching Halloween themed episodes of various TV shows. (If you have not seen the “Bob’s Burgers” Halloween Episode this year…go watch it…it’s really sweet.)

I am proud to say, I have survived four days without eating any of the Halloween candy we have in the house.

Well, without eating MOST of it…sigh.

All Hallow’s Eve Hearth.

Happy Halloween Eve, all!

7 thoughts on “Halloweekend

  1. It is completely understandable that you would sample the candy. Quality control is important, and you must ensure the candy has not gone stale before doling it out to the kiddies.

    I hope the sore throat is nothing serious.

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  2. Your guest bedroom looks much like my queen size bed with all the stuff on it. I have no less than 13 pillows on my bed. People always ask how long it takes me to make the bed, and if I actually put the pillows on the bed every day. And yes, I do! We had our tricks or treats Friday evening. We handed out little bags of pretzels, cheese twist and cheddar popcorn. We started handing out all three to kids, as we only had about 30 kids.

    Happy Hallows!!!!!!


  3. I’m actually jealous of that skirt. I can’t have one because it would look a lot worse on my bed. I can’t buy Terri a cat bed because she prefers mine, but I’m okay with that.

    I know the feeling about the Halloween candy. RIP Nestle Crunch and M&Ms over here. I’ll have to ban them from the casa for another year.


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