A weak start

I woke up feeling really wiped out this morning and couldn’t muster the will power to go through the paces of getting ready for work, so I took a sick day, stayed home, and went back to bed. I slept for 3 hours, got up and put laundry on, then went back to bed and slept for another 3 hours. Not sure what the cause of the lethargy was, but I feel a bit better this evening. I finished the laundry, then pulled out the holiday curtains and linens from the holiday bins stored in our basement for Jefferey to take to the dry cleaners this week, so they’ll be freshly laundered and pressed when we start decorating in November – less than two weeks away. Oy!

After my chores, I sat in the Living Room with Jefferey and Harvey, watched a few episodes of “New Adventures of Old Christine” and worked on the giraffe puppet I started way back in June. I got most of it sewn together tonight, but started to feel tired and lose focus, so I’ll finish it up sometime this week. I’ll be heading to bed after finishing this post.

If I’m still feeling bad tomorrow, I will take a COVID home test and see if I can work from home. If not (which is what I hope) it’s back to the office I go to start my work week a day late.

Be still my beating heart.

9 thoughts on “A weak start

  1. Oh I hope you stay healthy. Until further notice I shall presume that it is just the aftereffects of your flu shot. You have had quite enough medical adventures for one year, young man.


  2. Sometimes it’s good just to take a day off. Even being retired as I am, sometimes after breakfast I go right back to bed for more rest. Wait until you retire, you’ll have that freedom too.


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