A Porch With a View

Today was another unseasonably warm day so we decided to take advantage of it by setting up our recently purchased movie screen and projector and watching a movie on the patio pavilion tonight:

Setting up and testing phase.

We grilled hotdogs, popped popcorn, made martinis, grabbed a heated throw, and settled in to watch “Hot Fuzz” after dark.

What a fun evening!

11 thoughts on “A Porch With a View

  1. Oh I bet there are some movies you could screen that would really draw in the neighbors.

    I once lived in a house where my housemates held impromptu movie nights outdoors, projecting movies onto a sheet. It was a nice initiative.


  2. That screen would almost do justice to ‘Lawrence of Arabia’. (Almost) – and it must have felt good to immerse yourselves in ‘Hot Fuzz’, which is certainly worth immersing in at least once, and possibly twice.


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