Flu-ck you!

The flu shot we got Monday night had a delayed effect and started kicking my arse today. I was a zombie driving to work, getting through the day, and driving home, laid down as soon as I was home and immediately went to sleep for 2 hours. I feel so run down. I hope I feel better by tomorrow.

FYI: the tech guys finally showed up around 2:30 yesterday (an hour and a half after the end of their scheduled window.) We need a new pump and air chamber for one side of the bed. Sigh….

14 thoughts on “Flu-ck you!

  1. Oh man, me too! I had my flu shot yesterday and since I’m now 65, they gave me the “larger dose” that apparently seniors get. Plus in my other arm, I got my pneumonia shot booster that is required at 65. So both my arms are killing me today. And my ass is dragging about 3 feet behind me from fatigue. I had a big nap this afternoon. Good thing I’m retired, LOL!


  2. All these years, and I have never gotten a flu shot. I have only gotten the Covid vaccines and boosters. But it’s easily been 7/8 years since I have been sick with the flu or even a bad cold. My mother has I come from strong stock….either that, or I’m a bat.Or I think it’s the gin.

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  3. I do like the word Flu-ck, but sorry you felt the need to write it. My only reaction to the flu shot is a sore arm. Usually so sore I can hardly use the arm for a couple of days. This year I was just sore at the injection site for a day. I sure hope you feel better quickly.


  4. Those shots always do a number on me. I usually feel lethargic and get an upset stomach for about 24 hours afterward. it kicks in usually four hours after the shot. I hope you’re already feeling better.


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