We have purchased and own two Sleep Number beds. Our first was a King size bed, purchased about 13 years ago, for our bedroom, and it is still comfortable and works like a charm. Our second is a Queen size, purchased for our guest room (aka the BFJs room), which we purchased 4 years ago.

For those that don’t know, these beds use a system of inflatable pouches and tubes that allow the user to increase or decrease the firmness of the mattress, so both sides of both beds can be adjusted to the comfort of the person sleeping on them, via a remote control. (A nice little perk for ourselves and our guests, eh?)

Unfortunately, a few months ago, the newer Queen size bed began losing air on one side, even when no one was sleeping on it. After attempting to check it for faulty connections and parts, using the website tip guide, we had no luck finding the cause and scheduled a technician to come have a look. For a not inconsequential fee, which had to be paid ahead of time, someone is supposed to be coming here today to check out the bed and ensure it is still connected correctly. if it’s not, they will adjust it. If it is, they will advise us what part is faulty and it will need to be ordered and replaced (for what, I can imagine, will also not be an inconsequential fee.)

To that end, I arranged to switch one of my telecommuting days so I could work from home today to be here for the technician. The window I was given was 10:30-1:30.

It is now 1:48. And no technician.

Color me surprised. Shall we place bets whether anyone shows up today at all?

While very frustrating (I have stranger anxiety, so I have spent the whole day on edge waiting for them to arrive) I can no longer sweat the small stuff. If they don’t show, I will begin the process of trying to re-schedule service or obtain a refund of the service fee. (As a side note, if anyone wants to come for a visit before it’s fixed, you’ll have to share our King Size bed, since it’s the only one currently working. You’ll just have to let me know if you want me to make it harder for you. *wink*)

We’ll provide the bed, you bring the wine!

On a happier note, here is our new upstairs guest bathroom curtain that arrived yesterday:

You win some, you lose some.

11 thoughts on “Dis-Service

  1. My bet is that he shows up tomorrow.

    Who knew beds were so high-tech? Does it require software updates too?

    It is a pity that your bed is being such a drama Queen. I hope it gets fixed soon. It is admirably hospitable to offer a spot in your main bed, but being in the middle could get rawther uncomfortable if one side was hard and the other was soft.

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  2. I love the new shower curtain. As for the technician part, that sucks. I learned we’re having the same issues with the new flooring at my Dad’s house. It’s been three days since they started and the employees have only been there a day and a half.

    I wonder if maybe it’s COVID related? I know for a fact it’s getting passed around at my old employer’s place as we speak. I wouldn’t be shocked if that explains why certain services and stores are understaffed for whatever reason.


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