The Late Bird Gets the Chores

I wasted my entire Saturday morning sleeping and did not get up until 11:00am. Uggh!

In the interest of full disclosure, I did not sleep much last night (the worries of the mind are a wicked thing), then I got up at 6:30am with Harvey, who decided he was tired of sleeping in the comfy bed between us and needed to be sleeping between my legs on the comfy lounge in the living room instead. Somewhere between getting him re-settled and me scrolling through the social media crap on my phone, I fell asleep again and stayed that way until I heard Jeffrey on the sofa next to me. I assumed I had just nodded off for a moment, and he had gotten up to join us with the start of the day. However, to my horror, I had gone back to sleep for 4 and a half hours.Sigh.

Sleeping late on a weekend always throws my day off. I like to get my chores and errands done early – before noon – so I can relax and enjoy the rest of the day doing fun stuff. That didn’t happen today, so fun stuff got set aside and errands and chores filled the afternoon.

After running out to drop an item off to my Mother, pick up a couple items at the Liquor store, and pick up my prescription at the pharmacy, we headed home to house projects, all of which were outdoors so we were glad to have a beautiful, unseasonably warm fall day. (And all the more Curses that I missed so much of it sleeping.)

Project 1: The motion sensing LED flood light over our garage door died, so we had to replace it with the new one we ordered. (And by we, I mean Jeffrey.) He did the climbing, and re-installation, I did the ladder holding and daydreaming.

Project 2: Since it was so beautiful out, and Jeffrey already had the ladder out, we (he) hung the first strand of Christmas lights on the highest eave over our garage. Yes, you read that right, we hung Christmas lights – well, some of them. Every year, we hang white Christmas lights along the front eave of our house. The peak of the eave of the garage is the highest point, and neither of us are too stable or comfy on the top of the ladder to reach it under the best of circumstances and conditions. The thought of doing that in cold and or precipitation does not thrill us (him). SO, when we get a nice day in October, we (he) hang(s) the lights on the highest part of the roof to get it done while it’s nice (read: less dangerous) out. The rest of the front lip and gutters of the house are much lower and easy to reach with his height and a small step ladder, so we (he) can finish hanging the rest of the lights at any time. Worry not, ye who cringe at the thought, they don’t get connected or turned on until early November.

Project 3: We set up and connected the small spotlight that will shine on my wooden Linus display (the one holding the sign “Welcome Great Pumpkin” that I posted about in an earlier post.) Between the outdoor Linus display, the Orange sconce lights on either side of our two front doors, the string of pumpkin lights along our porch rail, the light up green monster and pumpkin in the house, the new snoopy animated werewolf I got at hallmark displayed on our bar, and the small collection of Jim Shore Peanuts Halloween statues on our mantle, this is the most we have every decorated for Halloween. All that’s left to do is buy the candy and reveal the secret costumes Jeffrey and I purchased for Halloween night. (Stay tuned.)

Needless to say, I did not get any of the activities done on my table of fun in the basement.

Oh well, there’s always tomorrow. If I can haul my lass arse out of bed, that is.

17 thoughts on “The Late Bird Gets the Chores

  1. Who needs a Table of Fun when there are chores to do?

    It is a good thing you put in that disclaimer about not turning on the Christmas lights. I try not to judge other people’s kinks, but some perversions are beyond my ability to stomach.


  2. I’d hire somebody to hang the lights while I supervised. Although sleeping in is nice, like you I get frustrated that I missed too much of the day and then spend the rest of it playing catch up. Sleeping until 11 would really tick me off. Can’t wait for the costume unveiling.


  3. You use the phrase “we did such-and-such” meaning Jeffrey did it, like I do. “We” cleaned up the yard or whatever, meaning Clint did it. We (Clint) changed the lightbulb in the laundry room yesterday because I can’t reach it even on the stepstool and also it’s the kind of thing that Clint does.


  4. I know the feeling. Lately I’ve reverted to my old habits when I used to work in customer service a decade ago. I had the late shift, so I’m staying up past midnight and waking up at around 9am instead of 7:30. Just that 90 minute shift in my sleeping patterns makes me think I missed the morning when I wake up. It’s not fun.

    Congrats on getting ready for Christmas.


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