The Boys are back in town

Please don’t perturb the puppy!

We left PA at 6am this morning and made it home to NY safe and sound, but not without scooping up our pride and joy puppy from the kennel first. After we sent the BFJ on his way, we all had breakfast, then collapsed for a family nap. A few hours later, we yawned and stretched and tried to come to life, followed by a whirlwind of unpacking and getting the house back in order.

Most of the day, however, we catered to Harvey, catching up on all the love and affection we deprived him of for 4 days. We claim to worry about how much he misses us while we’re away, but the truth is, we’re the ones who miss HIM while we’re away.

It was a successful birthday trip (yay), but we’re all happy to be home together again, and look forward to the upcoming weekend home, no plans or places to be.

Trautes heim, Glück allein!

9 thoughts on “The Boys are back in town

  1. So glad you are home and reunited with Harvey!!! The world is a much better place with our beloved pups around. Hopefully the week flies by and the upcoming weekend drags. Hugs from Wisconsin


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