Ready, (Dor)set, Go!

After work today, we drove to Dorset, VT. We had reserved a tiny house at one of our favorite getaways to celebrate the 60th birthday of one of our friends. Sadly, THAT was the friend that was at our house last weekend and tested positive for COVID the next day. Our reservations were non-refundable at that point, so we decided to come for the weekend on our own. And the best part: we could (and did) bring the Harvey Monster.

It’s a cute little Inn with multiple buildings and a great restaurant and bar on premises. It’s also walkable to a country store and bakery with gluten free goods, and less than a ten minute drive to shopping outlets, so it’s a perfect location for a quick weekend get away.

Our home away from home for the weekend: Raven’s Loft

We got here around 430 and walked to the country store for a few staples, then unloaded the car and got ready for dinner.

Dinner was fabulous, due in part to the sweet and adorable waiter we had (Stephen W.)

We both had Strip steak, mashed potatoes, and asparagus (obviously, our low carb lifestyle is on hold for the weekend ) which was preceded by two lovely mixed green salads and an appetizer of 6 oysters (Jeffrey SHOCKED Me by trying one!)

Rinsing away oyster taste with a gin martini.

After dinner, we took Harvey for a walk around the property, which he LOVED, of course!

Once we were back to the house, we had a round of cocktails on the back patio, then headed inside for a final nightcap.

Enjoying my new favorite: 2 parts Empress Gin, 1 part dry vermouth – with 2 olives.

The weather is beautiful, the accommodations comfy, and the company can’t be beat.

Who WOULDN’T share a space with this guy?

I’m sad our friend couldn’t join us, but I’m grateful for an unexpected romantic get away with two of my favorite guys.

(And, by sheer coincidence, this is the 16th Anniversary of our Canadian marriage, the 6th and final time we got married.)

11 thoughts on “Ready, (Dor)set, Go!

  1. I also hope your friend is recovering from COVID well, and that you avoided it.

    Getting Jeffrey to take aphrodisiacs on your weekend getaway, hrm? I guess that’s a plan.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That looks like a wonderful weekend getaway! How nice that Harvey could accompany you. I do hope your friend recovers quickly from COVID.
    Sean, you can keep the oysters. I’ll gladly offer you any that might be given to me.


  3. Wow, it looks like a wonderful getaway!! So glad you have all these nice amenities (including cute waiter). It looks like a picture perfect weekend. ENJOY!!


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