For Old Lurker!

My new set of sneakers:

Biped Pride!

(Because I know how much Lurky LOVES the rainbow colors.)

Every time I wear a pair, I will think of you, OL!

P.S. I got in to see my Physician tonight (WOW!) and all is well. I now have all the info and elixirs I need to get better, from my dainty toes to my deluxe derrière.

Does this mask make my itchy ass look fat?

18 thoughts on “For Old Lurker!

  1. I like rainbows! I actually saw a real live rainbow fragment yesterday! But the Jewish god invented rainbows as a reminder of His covenant, so it is a shame that corporations appropriate them every June.

    The mask makes you look as adorable and svelte as always.

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  2. Love the colors. My father said itchy feet meant you needed to travel, my grandmother said itchy palms meant you were coming into money, what does an itchy behind mean?


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