I am sooooo far behind on blog reading and commenting and posting and responding to comments! I am sorry. I’m slowly catching up, one blogger at a time, so don’t give up on me yet, please.

All is mostly well. We had a relaxing weekend and I’m as ready as I’m going to be to go back into the office tomorrow. I’ve been redecorating my cubicle to make it nicer to be there, so I’ll have to send pics.

My health is 90% great, BUT….

….aside from a mysterious pain in my right back shin area (Achilles tendon maybe?) that started about a week ago, which makes it painful to walk (Aleve, a compression sock, and a cane help a lot) I am experiencing another rather….awkward….condition that had been making it difficult to sleep at times. I will save you the details, but it’s called Pruritis Ani (if you look that up, that’s on you!) and, while not painful, per se, it drives me absolutely insane when it hits. The best treatment I’ve found, so far, is to take half hour warm baths with epsom salt, which abates the symptoms for awhile.

While not outright debilitating, these conditions are annoying, so I’ll call tomorrow and try to get an appointment to see my Doc about my foot and my “PA.”

On a happy note, I have a midweek dinner date with the BFJ. We’re meeting in Lee, MA (about halfway between our homes in NY and CT) to have dinner. We’ll stay over then head back to our respective homes and jobs in the wee hours of the next morning. We used to do this more often, but COVID put a kibosh on it for awhile.

I hope you are all well and staying safe. Look for my comments to start popping up again soon. (Whether you like it or not!)

29 thoughts on “Catsup

  1. Ketchup. Please.

    Now that THAT’s off my chest, I’m glad you’re improving. Java looked up that thing you warned us about looking up, and gave me the gist so I didn’t have to. Took one for the team, she did. (That’s my girl!)

    Here’s hoping work isn’t just a total hassle.

    Be well,


  2. I knew what pruritis was an made an educated guess on the second part. TP gives me those symptoms, so I use Northern in the purple package, not the lavender scented one! I do hope you get relief.


  3. More scantily-clad blogger selfies? You are hereby absolved of any guilt for not keeping up with blogs (because, you know, falling behind on recreational activities is a legitimate source of guilt). I see you are competing with Maddie in the “shapely leg selfie” category.

    A date? On a school night?? You really do live life on the edge.

    I hope you adjust to life back in the office. I still feel that it sucks you are obligated to go back.


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