It’s been a rough week that has left me altogether discouraged, depleted, and done-in.

BUT, a relaxing Saturday night, watching “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” with Harvey snuggled in my lap, sipping Tanqueray Sevilla and Prosecco (with Orange Extract and a touch of Liquid Stevia), and sharing silly texts with my husband at the other end of the couch, Is JUST what the doctor ordered.

22 thoughts on “Weaken-d

  1. You have crossed my mind a few times this week. Never for long enough to actually send you a text, but I thought about it. Wondered how it’s going for you, now that you’re back in the office.

    Looks like you and Jeffrey are spending your Saturday evening in the best possible way.


  2. Anyone who’s been feeling ‘down’ for whatever reason need to be prescribed a Harvey. I can’t imagine a more effective comforter and pick-you-up-er than he provides.


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