Seeing Double

After spending the day in the office on Monday, I realized how much I missed working with two monitors so, with Jeffrey’s help, I purchased a new monitor and a few other connectors to give me the same dual monitor set up in my home office, and I absolutely love it!

Now I can do twice as much work *groan*

In fact, I love the new monitor so much (the larger one on the right) I’m going to get a second one to replace the older monitor on the left.

If I have to work, at least I can use all the tools available to make it easier to do so.

22 thoughts on “Seeing Double

    • I love my personal laptop, but I hate working solely on my laptop for work (but I’ve done it.) I prefer a full size monitor (or two) keyboard, and mouse. I figured since I’m going to be working from home at least two days until I retire, it was time to get a set up that was similar to the office.

      I think it’s a pretty swell home office,


  1. You are all obsessing over the Christmas tree, but let’s also note the Captain America mousepad. (I note the retirement countdown is in its rightful place, though.)

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  2. Isn’t it wonderful! I have a 27 inch Mac at home, and a 27 inch monitor next to that for my office laptop. I have gotten so used to two full size screens, when we started returning to the office, I bought a second computer for my office. (Two computers, two screens, two keyboard, two mouses (I got an opinion from Stanley Fish a rehetoraticion at Duke that the plural of computer mouse is mouses – not mice – it is plural of an irregular noun. We had friends in high places at the time.)


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