I got up this morning with the best of intentions. I showered, shaved, dressed….

….and petered out. I didn’t have an ounce of energy to do more than kiss my husband good morning, take my morning pills, sip my coffee, and pet Harvey. I struggled to move about the house and do something productive, but failed miserably. I was able to eke out a Facetime call to the BF, then I retired to the living room couch where I proceeded to nap on and off all day, catching small glimpses of whatever Jeffrey was watching on TV. I have no idea why I was so tired, but now it’s 8:30pm and my entire has Sunday slipped away. Kind of a bummer.

Ah wel…it is what it is.

19 thoughts on “Lusterless

  1. You showered, shaved, AND dressed? On a weekend? Sounds a little overambitious to me.

    I hope your energy returns tomorrow.


  2. I get it. Some days are like that, and the older I get, the less infrequent they are.

    Java and I spent last week in Denver visiting Son The Eldest. I had altitude sickness most of the time. Plane got back here Friday Evening, and I’ve done little but sleep and veg this weekend. Not looking forward to the mountain of work I’ll face in the morning.

    You’ll get better. I have confidence. Meanwhile, you have people who love you.

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  3. Obviously your body needed the down time and rest, so good that you listened. I think you accomplished more than I did today. I didn’t shower and I’m still in my jam-jams. I did, however, brush my hair at some point during the day. I don’t want anyone to think I’m a COMPLETE slattern.

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  4. Maybe it was the hard Friday. I have not done anything. Even napping was a fail. I did put on a dress to go out to store and let Tommy go in. Other than putting a chicken breast in the oven, my labor has been absent. The dress is a sleep dress, so it could be I won’t change again. Oh, I combed my hair and will brush my teeth. I have so little ambition!


  5. My Sundays are like that. I work hard on Fridays and Saturdays, and I’ve noticed I need more time to recuperate. That’s why I allow myself to take naps whenever I need them.


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