I totally forgot to post something yesterday. It has been a very hell week because I’m covering for my entire staff who are all out for one reason or another, so I am barely gotten a breather at work as I try to handle everything on my own. I will go into the office on Monday because I am interviewing candidates for a position and a unit that I desperately need to fill. I didn’t wanna wait until I was officially back in the office on August 16th, so I’m going in to get ‘er done.

This morning after breakfast, despite my lack of energy, we headed out to the premium outlets in Lee Massachusetts about an hour away for some light shopping in preparation for my return to the office in a couple weeks. We were disappointed to find our favorite stores closed, and several other stores empty. I did find a great sale at Sketchers, and was able to get a pair of sneakers and dress shoes for about 50 bucks. (It was BOGO at 50% and I got an additional 10% off for creating a members rewards account. I also had $50.00 visa gift card.) That was a sweet deal.

I tired quickly and, after an hour of walking around in the sun looking for any other stores with non-slim fit button down short sleeve dress shirts for men (seriously, retailers, we are not all slim!) we threw in the towel and headed home.

Once home, we headed out back and Jeffrey planted a new hydrangea plant to replace the one we planted last year that did not survive, then he watered everything everywhere. Harvey stood back, watching him from afar, afraid of the hose and the water spouting from it.

Although we have been really good about avoiding carbs for last month, I have been craving a Reuben sandwich so I decided tonight was a good night to be bad. I placed a grocery order for all the ingredients and enjoyed a fantastic Reuben while watching more of Neil Patrick Harris running around in his briefs and kissing handsome men.

All and all, not a bad Saturday.

17 thoughts on “Shirtless

  1. Covering for your entire staff?! No wonder they were so happy to see you.

    I am actively surprised you weren’t able to find work shirts in your size. Aren’t lots of successful executives shopping at premium much more rotund than you? Maybe you will have to go to the office sky-clad after all.


    • It’s not that my size is hard to find, it’s just that the few remaining stores in the outlet seem to be catering to very young thin men. The few places that had any dress shirts at all, had a very small selection of slim fit extra small to medium shirts. I’m sure if I go to a local shopping center or store I’ll find what I’m looking.


    • When you have a gluten allergy, you have to learn how to make some of your favorite foods at home if you ever want to eat them again. I have never found a place that offers gluten-free Rubens. And I’d much rather go out to eat but, as my Mom used to say “we are Poor folk, we make do with what we have.”

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  2. By the way, what’s with all these “slim body fitting shirts?”!!! You’re right, not everyone is slim. I’m not overweight but my body mass has shifted to such a degree that I won’t want to advertise my new sausage shape. I get the extra large shirts how. Only problem is finding tall size, a problem I’ve had all my life. We’re not all short!

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