Idle Eyes and “Oh, Bore Me!”

One of these eyes is not like the other.

I seem to have finally moved pass the worst of the Iritis. Although it won’t be completely gone for another week or two, the drops are working and I’m basically pain free. But I’m as tired writing about it as you are reading about it, So let’s move on, shall we?

You’re welcome!

To celebrate my road to recovery, now that the weather is more agreeable, we grilled hotdogs (to make chili dogs) on the patio, and had cocktails. Tonight, I had a gin martini, made with Sevilla Orange Tanqueray, Extra Dry Vermouth, and Orange Bitters.

In other news, Harvey FINALLY spent the day with my today, in my basement office while I worked

I got the final figure (from eBay) in the mail to complete my set of the “next generation” heroes of the Earth-2 Justice Society of America (predecessors of The Justice League of America)

I also received a great surprise in the mail from a friend, a crocheted giraffe with an inter-tube, to match Sebastien the life size Merman in our dining room.

So, overall, it was a pretty good day and a nice departure from the drama of the last few days.

Harvey and Jeffrey wanted to say hello to everyone before I go.

Like father, like son.

Stay safe, all.

19 thoughts on “Idle Eyes and “Oh, Bore Me!”

  1. At the risk of being banned from this blog forever, I would like to offer a small correction: Harvey is the world’s second cutest supervisor. (I don’t think you read Blobby’s blog, so you may not have seen the cutest.)

    Speaking of cute, I really like the rainbow WW shirt, even though I tend not to be a great enthusiast for rainbow paraphernalia.

    Liked by 1 person

    • And I rebut your claims. I feel sorry for those under the illusion their supervisor is cuter. Ignorance is bliss. I’ll allow for your error given the distractions of the next door hottie. But I’d suggest you choose your words carefully going forward.


  2. I am not tired of hearing about your eye problem. It is interesting because I have never heard of this malady. Besides, I care how you feel.


    • It’s made by December Diamonds (which makes the mermen and poke-a-bears we collect.) We bought ours from a store in Ptown (“Monty’s”.) I was told by the shopkeeper that only 10 were made, for displays at stores that sell the smaller mermen (although they obviously can sell them if they choose.)


  3. I had a really bad night last night, so I’m thrilled to see a post like this first thing in the morning. Glad to see you’re doing better.


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