The eyes have it

My eye this morning!

After a restless night of intense eye pain, (which thankfully abated later in the morning) I was able to get in to see my ophthalmologist at 2:00 today. As I suspected, it’s a flare up of Iritis, an inflammation of the Iris (which, thankfully, is not contagious). I’ve had this a few times before. My eye doc prescribed two eye drops, one of which I was able to get on my way home, the other of which will not be ready until tomorrow. I have to apply them several times a day for a couple of weeks, but I should start to notice improvement in a day or two.

I’m sore and exhausted, but relieved I finally have an official diagnosis and am treating with the proper meds.


20 thoughts on “The eyes have it

  1. Aaaaaaaaargh! It’s in the eyes!
    We both have had more than enough of those particular sense organs to last us quite a while, thank you. May your drops do their work efficiently and quickly – as though we, and you even moreso – didn’t already have enough to be bothered with!
    Wishing best of luck and results for you.


  2. This sounds awful to go through, but I’m happy that you know what it is and it will eventually go away. I hope you’re already feeling better since you posted this update.


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