Sunday Sundried

It was still HAF (Hot As F***) today, so we mostly stayed inside to avoid the heat, with a couple exceptions.

We planted our new Rhododendron plant today, another memorial to our dear Rita Mae.

A beautiful plant and reminder of a beautiful girl.

We drove to The Fresh Food Market, One of the few places that carries the gluten-free carb free egg based tortilla wraps that we like. While we were there we grabbed some prepared chef salads, some prepared deviled eggs, and a pack of smoked salmon and cream cheese rolls for lunch.

A perfect (practically) carb free lunch that was absolutely delicious!

After lunch, I went upstairs and took a picture of the fraternal IKEA twins, Lars the Bear and Larz the elephant, for today’s blog.

Lars & Larz, super soft cuddle buddies!

Shortly after, I collapsed into a very long and deep nap while watching “Muppet Wizard of Oz” (I love the Muppets, but we both thought it was a terrible movie.) Now that I’m 51, I seem to nap with ease and it’s a regular weekend event.

I woke up and my eye was sore again, so I took some more eyedrops and some Advil dual action and watched “Friends” in the dark until it felt better.

We both decided that we were too full from lunch and did not need dinner, so instead, we made cocktails and decided to enjoy them on the back porch during an awesome thundering rain storm with Harvey.

Me on the screen porch with my carb free raspberry cranberry Cosmo.

I always pressure Jeffrey into tasting my cocktails, because he absolutely hates any cocktail that is sweet or fruity flavored, and he makes the best faces if he hates them.

Harvey joined us on the back porch, and seemed a bit unsettled at first, but now he seems very serene.

Overall, it’s been a relatively nice weekend, despite the weather, and the sporadic eye-pain.

Stay safe, all!

26 thoughts on “Sunday Sundried

  1. I do hope you are going to a doctor Monday. I involuntarily make faces when I drink alcohol, too. I wish I had a porch to sit on.


  2. Dearest Rita Mae – forever and ever in our hearts!
    I should imagine that with the tropical weather (should that now be ‘climate’?) could easily tempt one to overdo on intake of those purple cosmos, though you’re far too sensible to let that happen. Bet they’d give you a zinger of a headache, though.


  3. That’s the face I made here when I read raspberry-cranberry martini. Although I like the color, I’d probably make a face almost as good as Jeffrey’s. Glad the eye pain is only sporadic but hope it’s all better soon.


    • It’s really just a Cosmopolitan with raspberry vodka. It’s carb free so I only use a drop or two of liquid Stevia to sweeten it. But Jeffrey doesn’t drink sweet drinks at all, so he really hates them. He’s pretty much at Tanqueray gin martini man 100% of the time. But I love his facial reactions to my drinks because they always look like he’s being tortured


  4. Jeffrey’s expressions are priceless. After I move, I’ll have to get back into making home cocktails again since I’ve discovered I’m not much of a wine drinker anymore.

    Naps are amazing. I had a good one yesterday and I’ll likely do another one today.


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