(Un) Blinded by Science

The Bad News:

Things grew worse overnight and, when I woke up this morning, my eyeball hurt like a summinabitch. It was much redder, much sorer, and I could hardly open it. Reading text on my phone hurt, and so did any movement of my eye. After trying to get around a bit, I gave in and asked Jeffrey to take me to a nearby Urgent Care. So I dressed, patched up, masked up, and off we went. I was miserable.

Unhappy Camper

(And, by the way, how come I don’t look like this in an eye patch? It’s not fair.)

Two Hours later, after seeing 1 nurse, two PAs, getting numbing drops, getting dye in my eye, looking into a sit lamp, and having my eye pressure tested, I left with a non-dignosis: I had some kind of infection, but they couldn’t be sure which kind. They were able to confirm there did not appear to be any foreign objects in, or lesions on, me eye, and no sign of bleeding, so nothing indicating it was serious enough to go to the ER. They prescribed some antibiotic drops that they hoped would help and, if not, would do no harm, with a direction to follow up with my Ophthalmologist on Monday.

As soon as we left the Urgent Care site, we headed straight to the pharmacy to get my drops, then headed home to finally have coffee and breakfast. Once home, I pessimistically and painfully put a couple drops in my eye, replaced my patch, and settled in for what I assumed would be a pain filled day.

The Good News:

After about an hour after, I noticed my eye wasn’t throbbing under the patch anymore. In fact, it felt pretty good (comparatively.) I hesitantly removed my patch…and – VOILA – I could see and read text without it hurting. The drops, miraculously, were working. I am so glad I went to Urgent Care instead of waiting until Monday. It still hurts a little to move my eye, so I move my head instead, but what little discomfort remains is bearable.

Speaking of BEARable, while I was in pain, I snuggled with my giant, super soft, plush, emotional comfort pal, Lars, the Swedish IKEA bear.

The way I felt this morning compared to now is like night and day. It totally brightened my mood, so I began bouncing around the house, doing little tasks and chores, much to Jeffrey’s chagrin. (I would never accuse him of being glad when I’m suffering, but he doesn’t hate the fact that it gives us an excuse to lay around all day and do nothing.)

As my mood brightened and my eye sight improved, I was able to enjoy other things, including:

Watching Harvey prance around the yard. (I recorded a video, but WordPress won’t let me embed videos anymore.)

Watering our new Rhododendron, a gift from a friend as a memorial to Rita Mae, the second type gift we’ve received. (The first was a white butterfly bush from our friend, Rob, which we’ve already planted.) We will be planting it in the yard tomorrow.

Getting this new Pride Lego Kit in the mail – “Everyone is Awesome.” I also got the set of lights and case to display it in. I can’t wait to put it together.

I am so grateful today ended better than it started, and that my ailment is minor and easily treatable, for once.

It’s the little things, folks.

Stay safe, everyone.

24 thoughts on “(Un) Blinded by Science

  1. I hope you still go to the eye specialist just to make sure. In Birmingham, we have an eye hospital that has an ER open all night. Twice, I have had to rush there from 50 miles away for treatment. Now, it is much closer.

    The young guy. Forget him.


  2. Oh thank goodness. There are many “little things” in life, but eyesight is not one of them.

    That young lad has a long way to go before he is anywhere as handsome as you.


  3. Oh Cheeses, S/b! At least your troubles help to keep my own ocular woes in perspective. Mine should be at an end soonish, but you seem to be struggling with one thing after another. Pleased to read that there was SOME improvement though still far from ideal. Keep taking an armful (TWO armfuls!) of the cuddly Lars. My thoughts and……..more thoughts to you..


  4. I’m so glad things got a lot better once you used those eye drops. I was worried there for a second when I started reading past the first paragraph.

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