(Too) Hot to Trot!

Screen shot of the local temp today on my weather app.

It has been hotter than hell and just as humid lately, morning noon and night. While I’ve tried to be a trooper, I couldn’t bring myself to take Harvey on our morning walk this morning, the first morning I’ve missed in 3 weeks. I feel bad, becuase I know he loves his walks, but it was just too damn hot for me. I had hoped to try a walk this afternoon, but as of 5:48 today, the temps have not dropped and it’s still sunny and humid out, so no go.

It has been a rough start back to work, trying to catch up on 6 weeks of work, emails, and messages. I’m exhausted at the end of the workday and find myself retiring to the sofa to watch TV until I go to bed, too tired to do anything else.

Yesterday, I made the mistake of contacting IT about a program that wasn’t working for me, and after two days of giving them remote access to my computer (I work from home) not only does the program still not work, several other things no longer work either and I get error messages popping up all day long. So, even though I am approved to work from home full time throuh August 15th, I have to go into the office tomorrow so they can work directly on my laptop and fix whatever they messed up remotely. Sigh.

I had hoped to go to the shopping outlets in Lee, Massachusettes this weekend (about an hour away) but it’s going to be too hot and humid, and I can’t be trying on new clothes when I’m all sweaty from walking fom store to store, so we’ve scrapped that idea. Whatever we wind up doing this weekend, instead, it will be indoors, in central air or air conditioning.

And it will be done without pants…

22 thoughts on “(Too) Hot to Trot!

  1. It just might be too hot for a dog, especially the paws on sidewalks. I never wear pants unless I am going to go into the car for shopping or a drive. I love a nightgown for the house or a housedress which is the same, just different fabric.

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  2. Don’t forget to post photos of your weekend relaxation, sans trousers. I have remember on work Zoom calls, DON”T STAND UP!


  3. I used to live in that heat every summer, and I’ll never do that again unless I own a home that has central air conditioning in it. I’m sorry you’re going through that right now.


  4. No pants. That’s good.
    Too hot: that’s bad.
    I was in Kansas on Saturday (23 July) and it was 108 degrees ambient, not even heat index. It was unbelievable!

    Hopefully things have cooled down for you now.


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