Today was my last day off before I have to return to work on Monday. Since I’m having anxiety about that, I had planned to have a quiet, relaxing, peaceful day, with just a couple of small household projects to complete, but then I had three annoying phone calls in a row, two from family, one from a coworker, and it kind of spoiled my mood.

Still, I tried to salvage the day the best I could, and not let a foul mood ruin the rest of the day for me. I finished my two projects, one of which was using adhesive letters to put our last name and address on our new mailbox. The second was to place the two rainbow glass pieces, that we bought in New Hope, in the back yard:

So pretty!

While I was out there, I took a picture of a few little spots of color from random flowers in our yard:

The rest of the day was spent kind of aimlessly puttering about, my spoiled mood kind of keeping me from really enjoying the rest of the day. Oh, well….

After dinner tonight, we will drive over to my friend Rob’s house and have drinks with him and his husband Mike on their back deck, so that should be pleasant and improve my mood a bit.

If not, there’s always cookies…

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