Down and out

Well, it had to happen: all this healthiness finally got to me and wore me out. After pushing myself to walk Harvey this morning, I got home and collapsed on the sofa and that’s where I stayed all day, drifting in and out of sleep. I probably slept a better part of the day. I feel so listless and exhausted. No other symptoms. No pain. No fever. Just complete exhaustion. I hope I feel back to normal tomorrow. If not, all put a call into my PCP.

If I happen to die of exhaustion in my sleep (oh, the irony that would be) it’s been fun getting to know you all. I hope I’ve made a small impression in a handful of your hearts, and that those of you with my xxx selfies will wait until at least after the cremation before releasing them. I want to be sure my spirit is good and gone from this place before the laughter begins. Rumor has it ghosts have great hearing.

Stay safe, all.

22 thoughts on “Down and out

  1. Understand completely. You’ve be Ed n through a lot recently. But I have no doubt you’ll be around a long time yet. Provincetown beckons!


  2. Next walk, just go to the sidewalk or road and back. You certainly overdid it. Go slowly with the walks like you did the recovery and real food.


  3. I think you have been doing too much. You need to pace yourself . You been through an awful lot physically and mentally the past year. Sleep is often the best medicine. The weather conditions don’t help matters either. Here is this area of SW Ohio the heat has been almost unbearable. At 3:oo am July 5 it was 94 degrees!! And it stayed in that temperature the whole day. I walked to the dumpster to get rid of the July 4 watermelon rinds and the humidity was oppressive. The right leg with all the blood clots swelled up, got warm to the touch and hurt like a mofo. Strange no nurse showing up for a random routine check. I hesitantly called my health care agency. The PA on duty recommend elevation of the leg and very little movement. Cellulitis was a very real possibility he said. I am hoping it is lymphatic and staying inside in the A/C will help. I do not want to make another trip to the ER, hospital and the short term assisted living facility. But if I must I will. The PA said the heat and pollen count advisory was no joke and it was the cause of people with health problems to now be in serious life threatening situations. It was suggested I drink ice cold Pedialyte AdvancedCare Electrolyte Solution. I had that on hand in the refrigerator and I sipped it slowly when ever I would wake up. That stuff does help a lot. The PA stopped by to check on me on his way home tonight and he dropped off a case of Pedialyte. It is now almost 2 am July 6 and the swelling has gone down and not so hot to the touch as it was. I am just simply exhausted. Sean, young man, you have the strongest will of anybody I know to get well and start kicking up your heels again. Really! In this climate emergency and the state of the political union I don’t know how you get by as well as you do. By all indications you do have an excellent support group which in and of it’s self is good medicine that money can not buy. I envy you that. Take care of yourself and hold close those that love you, the little General Harvey Milk and the handsome and debonair Jeffrey. Stay cool and let your body rest. Adieu!


    • Thanks, Woody. I learned my lesson and slowed things down today. The heat and humidity and pollen county surely played a part as well (I have mild bronchitis.) I’m glad your swelling went down. I am very familiar with the benefits of pedialyte. There were times when that’s all I could sip and keep down. I will try to stay as healthy as possible if you promise to do the same.


  4. Sorry to hear of your exhaustion. I did not go on the computer yesterday.
    It was so hot and humid when I got in the house, I collapsed in bed.
    Glad to hear you are doing better today Please take care.


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