One Glassy Bi***

Our friends Rob and Mike stopped by today for a mid afternoon cocktail. Rob surprised me with the set of glasses above, as a belated “Welcome home from the hospital” gift.

These guys have been great friends to us, and Rob, particularly, has been a huge support through my surgeries and recovery, sending me daily texts of support, silliness, and salaciousness. Some of you may recall he coined the phrase “Fu**ing Roger” which he used any time he found out Roger was acting up or causing me grief (and it always made me laugh.)

What makes this even more remarkable is that Rob suffers from Chronic illness as well, and makes me look like an amateur when it comes to pain and suffering. Yet, no matter how he’s doing, he always expresses concern for my well-being and offers words of encouragement and support.

I am thrilled to have these glasses and look forward to enjoying various libations in them, especially with Rob.

But more importantly, I’m grateful to have a friend like Rob.

Stay safe, all.

18 thoughts on “One Glassy Bi***

  1. Mid-afternoon cocktail?! How decadent.

    Did you collectively bitch about bitches? I hope you put in a word for McConnell and Miss Lindsey on my behalf.


    • We were enjoying the Pride Cider we had purchased last week. It was quite refreshing. We always bitch about the bitches together, and no one is safe from our bitching!


    • She would have. And you can bring up Anne Marie any time you want. She is kept alive in our hearts and memories and mentioning her in our comments is a wonderful way to keep her with us (And apropos considering she was the queen of commenting.)


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