!@#$%&* WORDPRESS!

I just finished a nice long week wrap-up post for today but WordPress swallowed it up with no explanation and I cannot locate it anywhere. I’m livid, so I’m just doing a quick recap.

On Wednesday, the BFJ and I finished the 3-D Friends puzzle – it took 4 hours:

On Thursday, I took Harvey for a walk around the block (my longest walk yet since surgery) and took this cool pic of the sun shining through the trees in my backyard when we got back:

I also got these 2 shirts in the mail that Jeffrey ordered for my birthday in May, but just now arrived:

This morning, I took Harvey for another walk a bit farther around the neighborhood:

Jeffrey arrived home from work with several goodies in tow, including this gluten free hard cider:

That’s the nuts and bolts of it. My previous post was much better. If I could slap the shit out of WP I would. Grrrrrr!

Stay safe, all.

25 thoughts on “!@#$%&* WORDPRESS!

  1. Well, with Roger gone I suppose somebody has to make your life interesting, and I guess WordPress volunteered. (Did it also eat Linda and my comments from your last post?)

    It is good that Harvey is getting you some exercise, but I hope he is not pushing you too hard. You know how these personal trainers can get.


    • He is quite an iron sergeant…he never lets up or gives me any slack. But he’s sensitive to my limitations, so he gives me cuddles when we get back home. I bet it was Ghost Roger who deleted my post. For some reason, WordPress published my blog post 3 times, so I chose the version with the most comments and deleted the other two. Sorry your comment was placed on the sacrificial altar.


  2. I guess WordPress must be taking blogger hints now on how to frustrate us all!!!!

    At first glance I was going to ask why you had a rickshaw in your back yard and was going to ask for a ride, but then upon further inspection saw it was a covered swing? I love all the space in your yard. Good for nude sunbathing. wink!


  3. It absolutely demoralizes me when a whole post is gone. I lose my desire to write at all for a day. So, I just slap up anything to recover from the shock.


  4. I switched from Blogger to WordPress because I was having so many problems with no one at Google to ever respond. WordPress, sadly, has its moments. But at least I can get help. Sounds like there’d be no help for what just happened to you. I LOVE that jigsaw puzzle.


    • WordPress is better, hands down. I’ve been using for years and it is the first time I’ve ever lost a post like this. I followed every step to try to find it buried somewhere, but it just disappeared completely. Very frustrating.


  5. There are times when I have the same feelings about WP, but then I think about all of the issues I had with Blogger. I do not miss dealing with spam comments and no way to do anything about it unless I moderated everything.

    I’m glad to see you’re doing better, and I love the 3D puzzles.


  6. A couple of thoughts. HOW ON EARTH does anyone have the patience or sense to put together a puzzle of that magnitude?! I have difficulty helping toddler granddaughter Isabelle with her 12-piece Big Bird puzzle. Next, are you sure that was the sun shining through the trees and not somebody up there with a bright flashlight? It didn’t look natural to me. And finally, I love your gay cider.


    • I am a sucker for a jigsaw puzzles and love doing them. I can and have spent hours and days putting them together. In fact, I’ve had to train myself to be able to walk away from a puzzle and not stay up to wee hours of the morning trying to finish it. I am now able to start a puzzle work on it for several hours, and walk away to finish it another day, which takes a lot of willpower. One of the reasons I will often reference myself as OCD, which is totally and completely “self diagnosed”, is because of my puzzle habits, and my compulsion to complete it in one sitting, no matter how long it takes me. I have a real hard time stopping anything once I start it, until it is done.
      I am absolutely positive it was the sun, which was so much more obvious in person than it is in that photo, but I love the idea of neighbors spying on me with a flashlight. Boy would they get an eye-full.
      As I’ve said, I’m a sucker for anything with a rainbow, so when Jeffrey saw it while he was out and about he grabbed it for me knowing I would love it. We have it chilling in the fridge and plan to drink it this weekend, so I’ll report back about how it tastes. I really shouldn’t drink it because we’ve committed to a low-carb lifestyle but you only live once so I’ll give myself some slack to try it.


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