Free to be me

“Cathy” got removed today…which was quite Cath-artic, (With a nod to Lurker for suggesting the pun.)

…and so did my staples…

…so I am now completely foreign-object free and feeling good! I still have lots of healing to do, but I’m happy to be this far along.

The weather finally shifted today. There were storms last night, which broke the humidity, and by the time we got back from my second round of extractions, it was beautiful out – mid-70s, sunny, and breezy. BUH-U-TI-FOL!

We grabbed the Harvey monster and headed out back for some family time on the patio.

I overdosed on precious pills today.

We got a little cleaning done (Jeffrey did the vacuuming, I did the dusting) in preparation for the BFJs visit tomorrow. (Yay!) Then we grilled some hobberdoggers (hotdogs) for dinner. (I like my dinners like I like my men – quick, easy, and delicious.)

We are doing great on our low-carbing and I am excited and optimistic about getting rid of this extra poundage over the next few months. But I was made aware today that losing weight can actually be harmful:

Meh. I’ll take the risk. (Although cake does sound damned tempting!)

Stay safe, all!

31 thoughts on “Free to be me

  1. SassyBear! I love your blog. WHY has it taken me so long to discover you??!! We are kindred spirits. My hubby Robert is an avid comics fellow and has a huge collection too (which often gets on my last nerve because it takes up so much space in our little apartment.)

    I’m so glad you were doing better physically. It will take me a while to catch up on your past post, but I will get there.

    All good to you!!!

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    • Well I am going to need to know more about Robert and his collection … always excited to meet other comic book collectors. Will I find more info about it in your blog? So glad to connect with you and expand my blogger family!

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      • I’ll have him say something to you about his collection. All I know is that it takes up almost all of our closet space. And it has something to do with superheroes. I want a superhero. Preferably a very well-built one.


        • Please do. My comics used to take up space in our guest room until we had out basement refinished. I think well built is pretty much a prerequisite for superheroing. 🙂


  2. LOL!
    Love the bubble butt!
    Harvey is full of cuteness. Glad your weather has improved. Ours is currently improving, too, as we have a storm system moving through. Good thing, too, since our air conditioner did a (something bad) today. Not sure what the problem is yet, hopefully the maintenance guys came come tomorrow. And hopefully it’s just a part that needs replacing or something easy like that. I hope. It’s getting warm and stuffy in the house this evening.
    Congratulations on getting all the foreign objects out of your body! Take it easy, enjoy the BFJ’s visit.

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  3. Hello, Harvey monster! Good job on taking care of your human thus far. Please keep up the cuddles and attention so he heals up quickly.


  4. Congrats! I also love how Harvey looks so adorable looking at you. Hopefully the weather continues to be more agreeable, too.


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