Bye Bye Miss O-Stomy Supplies!

Today was the big day. With Jeffrey doing the lifting and me directing, we packed away all my ostomy supplies and medical equipment, moving it to the basement. Our house no longer looks like a hospice. It was quite cathartic and really lifted my spirits. When I return home from the Doc’s tomorrow morning, I will be catheter free. I have to make a second trip in the afternoon to have my remaining staples removed. And then, aside from my Frankenstein monster-like tummy scars and an inability to lift anything heavier than a green bean, it’ll be like it never happened.

Harvey does not quite share in my excitement!

After a short slow walk on the treadmill, I spent the remainder of my day catching up on blogs (still have a way to go), reading comics, not eating carbs, and trying to keep cool in this unbearable heat. I peaceful Sunday for sure.

And before Pride month disappears, here’s another small batch of fun Pride pics:

Stay safe, all. It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World out there!

14 thoughts on “Bye Bye Miss O-Stomy Supplies!

  1. I hope you make some pun about “cathartic” and “catheter” tomorrow.

    I prefer the heat to w****r, but I can sympathise with it being difficult to handle. I hope you manage to keep your cool.

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  2. That is wonderful news. I know you are glad to have your life back. I love the heat even though I can barely stand it and must stay in the ac most of the time. There is still the sun and flowers and green.


    • I like heat if it is reasonable, low humidity, and I’m in the shade or a pool or in front of a fan. But extreme temperatures, hot or cold, overwhelm me. I do agree that I love all the things that summer brings though. I much prefer to see green grass and trees to blankets of white snow.


  3. FAB-YOU-LO-SAH developments! It may take time for li’l Harvey to cotton on that you’re free of such encumbrances, but he’ll get there to rejoice with you and the rest of us. Ever so pleased for you.


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