Which Craft?

I channeled my rage yesterday into cooking and made seafood cioppino for the first time. It wasn’t great. I used a frozen seafood mix and wasn’t thrilled with the seasoning. I’ll have to try again with a better recipe and fresh seafood.

After an emotional night of gnashing my teeth and pulling my hair (figuratively speaking) I was exhausted, fell into a deep sleep, and slept in late this morning. Upon waking, I felt well rested and more emotionally even-keeled (although still angry.)

We did our official first weigh-in this morning for our renewed weight loss journey. I’m technically down 24 lbs since before my surgery 3 weeks ago, but that’s not really from my own efforts, it’s from not eating any food for part of that time while in the hospital, and then only small mouthfuls of food for the rest of the time at home, so I’m not counting that, although I’m grateful for the loss jumpstart. Any weight I lose, here on in, will be through my own efforts. I have a long way to go.

Today’s temperatures will be climbing to the 90s with high humidity, so my plan for my first extended outdoor stroll with Hubby and Harvey was quashed. (Too hot and humid for my sensitive constitution.) But Harvey loves it so I sat with him outside on the patio for a bit:

I didn’t last long, so I left his royal highness to soak up the sun and I headed inside to find an activity I could do in the central air. I had several sitting craft projects to choose from (hence the title of today’s post) so I decided to work on the giraffe puppet kit I was gifted this past Christmas. The kit comes with all the fabric (from recycled sweaters), patterns, instructions, and thread needed to make the puppet.

I only got as far as cutting out all the pieces before my abdomen started feeling sore and I started getting tired, so I packed everything away to construct at a later time.

After retiring to the living room lounge, I rested a bit while Jeffrey grilled us up a couple of medium rare swordfish steaks for lunch, which we enjoyed with one of our favorite condiments, Woeber’s Horseradish Sauce (which just happens to be only 1 carb per teaspoon – woohoo!)

Mmm Mmm good!

Now we’re enjoying episode 3 of “Ms. Marvel” on Disney+ before I get back to catching up on blogs. (FYI: Idle Eyes = Sassybear = Breenlantern = Sean, so if you see comments from any of these – it’s all me.)

Sometimes, when the world outside is falling apart, and you feel helpless, you need to take a moment, take a deep breath, and try to enjoy the life and family and home you’ve built, while you still can. This is where you find the strength to keep going.

American Gaythic

33 thoughts on “Which Craft?

  1. I absolutely LOVE the American Gaythic pic! You should get a 8×10 print of that one, frame it and display it in your home.

    Those weather conditions are too much for me, also. Unfortunately, that’s pretty much every day through June, July, August, and most of September around here. I spend a lot of time inside. Harvey, on the other hand, looks just right.

    Yeah, I’m angry. Sad, worried, depressed, afraid.

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  2. Hahahahahaha, American Gaythic — love it! I’m watching “Ms Marvel” too and plan on watching Episode 3 tonight. It’s delightful, especially the young woman playing Kamala. I’m not a huge Star Trek fan ordinarily but I just finished watching the miniseries “Obi-Wan Kenobi” because I love Ewan McGregor in anything. The child actress in that playing Princess Leia was quite delightful as well.

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  3. Sean, I just wanted you to know that I totally missed your posts about Rita Mae and her passing. There was a couple of months where I wasn’t checking blogs as I was so incredibly busy with school and life, etc. Since summer vacation has begun, I have been able to get back into following the blogs that I follow, and I did notice that Rita Mae was missing in some pictures where you had posted pictures of Harvey. And then it got me to thinking, “oh no”. So I did a search on your blog using her name and I found your posts of her decline and of her passing. Of course the tears came as I know how hard it was for the two of you as I just lost my beloved Murphy back in September. My heart goes out to you (belatedly). Losing a pet is a very hard thing and I am sorry you had to go through all that plus the surgery.
    Take care,

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  4. I am going to have to put all your aliases on a post it note and stick to something nearby. I have sort of caught on, but still get confused.

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  5. Yeah, yesterday was stressful for all of us. I thought about wearing the Red Lantern ring you bought me for Christmas when I went shopping today. I should have. I saw a car in the parking lot that had the Green Lantern symbol on the back of his car. That would’ve been a fun convo if I ran into the owner.

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