Recovery continues. There was a slight blip last night that had us concerned, but I spoke with a nurse this morning and it is a common thing and nothing to be alarmed about. Thank you for all the support, encouragement, and well-wishes in your comments, e-mails, texts, and cards. It means a lot. I am neither foolish enough to believe there aren’t those who struggle with and through far worse, nor ungrateful enough to not realize I am lucky to have the care and support I need when I need it.

I order to reverse the effects of 6 months of inactivity and over-indulgence, we said good-bye to carbs yesterday. No more pastas, potatoes, breads, or sweets. Its all meats, seafood, veggies, and whole fat dairy from now on, so we placed a grocery order and stocked the house with all the acceptable foods! To kick things off, I made boneless pork steaks, onions, and mushrooms in a beef stock, Tamari, garlic, and ginger broth in the crockpot for dinner tonight. (More for Jeffrey than me, at this point, but I can sample a little.) It tis my first time making a meal since my surgery, and it feels good to be able to return to at least one of my domestic roles again. A well fed husband is a happy husband, or so they say.

I took a deep nap today and had that awful dream where I was trying to wake up but couldn’t move or make a sound. I hate when that happens and, for a several minutes after waking, I was shaken and upset. It was, otherwise, a good nap, and once my agitation had subsided, I felt quite refreshed.

I have started catching up on reading and commenting on everyone’s blogs, but I am woefully 2 weeks behind, so forgive my late and slow-to-come comments.

I have really been enjoying “Bridgerton” on Netflix. We are finishing up with Season 2 tonight.

We have planned our first “post-surgery recovery celebration” weekend trip to New Hope PA in mid-July, a place we’ve yet to visit, and look forward to exploring. (Any dining or must-see suggestions , Mistress?) We will be seeing “Kinky Boots” (again) at the Bucks County Playhouse while we’re there.

As promised, here are both memes that tickled my fancy…

…and a couple Harvey pics…

…and last but not least, it’s still pride month so…

Stay safe, all!

19 thoughts on “Carbo-bye-drates!

  1. I’d be terrified if I came to your door and found Harvey standing guard… on his ottoman. (Does that make him the current Ottoman ruler?) So glad you’re doing well, and cooking. And, yes, that’s always how I felt about that lemon adage. Can I unwrap my Pride gift now?

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