My Biggest Fan

Things seem to be progressing well here and I’m moving in the right direction, health-wise, so I’m hoping we will be discussing my discharge in the next day or so. (Fingers crossed.) The care has been exemplary, as always, but I’m more than ready to go home.

As this is only the latest of many hospital stays for me, I always come prepared for the stay by routinely pack many creature comforts from home, including all of my technology (MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPad, and watch) and accompanying charger cords and earphones. These items provide me entertainment (movies, TV shows, digital comics and books, on line games, blogs, etc.) for my long stay to help me pass the time.

Yup, that’s 4:49AM, folks. I had just been woken up a few minutes prior to have my vitals taken and my blood drawn.

In addition, I bring a small menagerie of friends that are always popular with the hospital staff:

Packy, my abdomen pillow-buddy, who helps me cough without splitting a stitch.

“When ya gotta hacky, always use Packy!”

Morpheus, my emotional support giraffe, who keeps me company and temporarily takes the place of Harvey as my snuggle buddy.

Named after Morphine, which is what I was flying high on when we first met.

and Ella, my good luck recovery elephant, made for me lovingly by my dear friend and infrequent blogger, Java (from “My Life or Something Like It”) for a prior surgery.

Big things come in small packages.

However, the most popular item this time around, is the little USB powered portable digital clock fan I borrowed from Jeffrey, to offset the unusually warm temps in my room.

My cool new friend!

When the fan spins, it produces a digital clock with the time. Unfortunately, the clock part doesn’t work, always displaying “12:00,” but it still makes a great bedside fan and night-light

I can’t catch a full digital image with my phone.

Every staff member that has come into my room has been fascinated by it and comments on how cool they think it is (no pun intended.) I show them how safe it is by using my finger to stop the “blade,” a thin plastic blade that does not hurt in the slightest and has enough weight to generate a breeze, but not enough to hurt a body part should it come in contact with one.

It has been a huge (small) asset in helping me stay comfortable during my stay, while also being a surprising source of entertainment and conversation piece for the staff.

What fun!

14 thoughts on “My Biggest Fan

  1. Brilliant news – as I’m sure will be similarly felt by all your other ‘fans’. Now let’s see you back home where you belong, and where your physical presence is really appreciated.

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  2. Let’s hope that the next time you need to pack for the week, is about 50 years from now. Looking forward to hearing about your return home.


  3. So glad your recovery is going well. You look great! I love that fan. I have a similar tabletop verion. I used to take it with me and place it on our table when we were at an outdoor cafe. If someone smoked nearby, I turned on the fan and blew the smoke back at them. It’s amazing how offended some people got. One actually complained about the smoke (duh). Happy, healthy!


  4. I’m glad to see things are looking better, and I marvel at that fan myself. I didn’t know it was possible to make one that works well enough and not need a shield of some sort. I look forward to seeing you back home soon.


  5. So glad/relieved to hear that you are healing well and hopefully soon to be at home. I feel the need to disagree with your blog title, I think many of your blogger buddies would like to have that honor. (Sorry my attempt at humor) There is nothing better than stuffed animals at times of stress and pain. Take care and continue on this healing path….Hugs


  6. I am glad you are enjoying all the creature comforts. I had a fan that was tiny, plastic, and a table model that used AA batteries. It, too, had plastic blades that would not hurt a newborn. I lost it in my house. Now that I see yours, I need another more modern one.


  7. I thought I was about the only one to pack a hospital case with all the comforts from home. Hell, I got skin care products, clothing, shoes, electronics, my favorite wash cloths, my own pillow, hard candy, my favorite tea bags, and pretzels to settle my stomach if needed. Before the hospital board outlawed it I used to order up pizza and salad for the nurses station at night. I sure do get the best care from the nurses. I keep a special stash of chocolate bars and they go crazy for them. Well the good news for me and my problem is that I get to keep both my legs for now. I am figuring that if you could go through all the operations and procedures you have endured I can do this. You have truly inspired me. Get well soon so you can have a good rest of your life.

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