Sunday Snoozing

Another sleepy restful day.

I started the day by going for a 7:30am drive-through COVID test, which was a pre-requisite for surgery. (It’s negative – WHEW!)

Spent the rest of the day just lazing about, napping on and off, watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and just hangin’ with my boys!

There may have been a donut along the way.

The Pride theme posts seemed to have died down a bit for now on the various sites I visit, so the pickings were slim, but this one deserves its own spotlight anyway. Just when I think I can’t love Lynda Carter any more than I already do…

You sing it, Lynda! Shout out to my Bi Bros, Sisters, and NBs!

12 thoughts on “Sunday Snoozing

  1. A nap sounds like an excellent idea.

    I wonder how the old Wonder Woman show holds up? She may not be a superhero for gays but I know several gays who worship at her feet.


    • I own all 3 seasons and still watch it. The fashions are dated and it’s rife with sexism but I still love it!

      Lynda embraces her lgbt+ community. Her comment was a cheeky response to point out WW is canonically bi-sexual. It was a great response.


  2. Nothing like weekend naps. I could use some sleep after this weekend. I was in Philly for Pride, and it was nice to be back after a two-year absence from the pandemic. And it was PACKED!! Important to show our number and that our festivals aren’t stopping, or wearing off. Soon as we get comfortable…..


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