The Last Weekend With Roger

So what does a Sassybear do the weekend prior to surgery that will change his life?

  1. Sleep. I woke up too early for a Saturday, but I moved to the living room (to avoid waking the hubby) settled in on the lounge under a blanket with the world’s cutest puppy, and eventually fell back to sleep until late in the morning.
  2. Watch “Heartstopper.” It’s been on our watch list in Netflix forever and we finally watched it. I LOVE IT! It does such an incredible job of portraying what it’s like discovering a same sex attraction for the first time. And while it doesn’t pretend LGTBQ youth are treated well in high school, it does take a refreshing approach by focusing on the exhilaration, confusion, and excitement of discovering first loves and attractions, instead of the loneliness, pain, and bullying often experienced by LGBTQ youth (although there are shades of it.)
  3. Plant Rhododendron bushes. 5 of them. To provide color and interest to our front side yard, shade the side of the house our bedroom is on, and create a barrier between our bedroom window and the front of the neighbors house so we can open the drapes and curtains without exposing our bedroom antics. (And by antics, I mean prancing around in our short pants and eating ice cream in bed.)
  4. Plant Catmint bushes. 3 of them. To add to the existing Catmint bushes in the front yard we planted last year that look fabulous. So much so, we wanted more.
  5. Have a treat-fest. It’s too late to lose weight for my surgery, I’ll be on a restricted diet after surgery, and I have GOT to lose this weight I packed on during my 6 months of low activity, so I figured – what the hell! – let’s have one last pleasure pig-out before I start being careful and responsible and less rotund.
  6. Relax. No chores. No running around. No social obligations. Just me, Jeffrey, and Harvey, enjoying a weekend of peace and quiet (and cocktails) in our home together before I have to say good-bye for a week.
  7. Express gratitude for all that I am and have and can do. So many deal with so much more with so much less. And express gratitude for Roger …. for saving my life. I may not have liked him. But I needed him.

18 thoughts on “The Last Weekend With Roger

  1. All our hearts be will be frequently and seriously with you over coming days, S/b. We massively look forward to hearing reassuring news that all went well, or even better than – and that Harvey has delivered loads of sloppy’ welcome back’ kisses. With grateful thanks, of course, from us to Jeffery for being there to ease your discomforts and your fully understandable anxieties. Go well, my friend. XXXXXXX

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  2. Our antics would be wandering around in absolutely nothing and not eating ice cream (in the bedroom, at least). Planting 8 bushes doesn’t sound like no chores. We loved Heartstoppers. Yes, thanks to Roger, and a fond farewell!


  3. If the neighbors don’t like the view, they don’t have to watch. Here is hoping the reconnect goes easily, take care.


  4. I hope everything goes well with the upcoming surgery, and that you recover quickly afterward.

    Roger, you’re soon to be over and out as they say on the airplanes.


  5. It is good you were kidding about the ice cream in bed. That sounds morally depraved.

    Here’s hoping the surgery goes well for you.


  6. Sorry, I am late to the party of wishing a fond farewell to Roger. Is surgery tomorrow (Monday)?
    Keeping you in my thoughts and hoping for the BEST and a speedy recovery. How long will you be in the hospital? (Asking a lot of questions, again sorry, maybe I missed a post that tells all. Hugs to all of you.


  7. As I have been absent from the blogosphere of late, I am catching up. Luckily I am writing this on your “surgery eve.” My thoughts will be with you tomorrow. I am looking forward to seeing your next post. All the best to you.


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