Happy Pride Month

It’s that time of year when corporations will plaster their products and logos with rainbows.

People will write diatribes about how Pride is pointless, dead, needed now more than ever, or whatever take they have on it.

The streaming services will make a few more queer themed movies available, or at least spotlighted.

Pretty boys will don tight shorts and speedos and shake their well rounded booties on floats to current pop hits down Main Street America.

Our queer political and social support groups will in-fight about inclusion, representation, and fair treatment (as they should.)

Drag queens will steal, make, borrow, or buy new frocks for their debuts or returns.

Skittles will just be Skittles, but “taste the rainbow” will take on a whole new meaning.

And you know what? I’m OK with all of it. I grew up in a world where gay was a four letter word, we were invisible and I thought I would be alone, scared, and ashamed forever.

So I say, bring it on. The classy and the catty, good spirited and gauche, flaming and finessed, pandering and proper…all of it. Paint the town rainbow and blare the gay anthems from every speaker in every city across the USA.

Make America Gay again, at least for the month of June!

Now if you’ll excuse me, Harvey’s in need of a dye job….

23 thoughts on “Happy Pride Month

  1. We have come a long way in acceptance of gay in our culture. However, there will always be that undercurrent of hatred usually by self hating closeted gays but at least we’re not illegal now like I was when I grew up.

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  2. I love Pride! Like you I grew up in a world where people didn’t say gay. If they said it, it was with vile and disgust. It was used in a derogatory way (that is so “gay”). Pride was a way to show our colors and make our presence known.
    Happy Pride buddy! We may not have grown up in a world that accepted us, but at least those who are coming after us get to.


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