Fun with Flora

Things are really popping here at Sassyland!

A few of the wildflower seeds I carelessly planted last year have blossomed.

Our new Rose of Sharon’s we planted just 3 weeks ago (transplanted from my Mom’s yard) are really thriving!

I don’t know what these are (were) but yay!

Our Azaleas are past their prime.

We were worried the Sky Pencil Hollie’s we planted last fall had died but they are starting to bud and bloom.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Catmints! (We’re getting more.)

Our friends Rob and Mike brought us this beautiful white Butterfly plant, to plant in memory of Rita Mae. We will plant it in her favorite corner of the yard.

We were driving through our neighborhood and noticed almost everyone has these Rhododendrons in their front yards, and we love them, so we ordered several to plant along the front side of our yard.

We’re no master gardeners, but I love the enhancements we’re making to our yard, but not as much as we love this little guy!

11 thoughts on “Fun with Flora

  1. That face always cracks me up!!!!!

    The one nice thing about being back in the family home is all the gardening. I haven’t done it in years and so far it’s been fun getting in their digging. So far everything is going crazy, and I don’t even know what in hell I’m doing. Several of the salvia and other plantings are attracting hummingbirds. That was a joy to see today.

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  2. The thing in the second picture that you don’t know what they are (low bush by the fence) are Peonies, I believe 🙂 The smell sooo delicious and are just beautiful flowers! If it’s the other thing though, I don’t know what that bush is either 😀

    Rhododendrons are wild where we are. They are just beginning to bloom now up at our altitude. Just gorgeous. Loosely related to azaleas 🙂

    Here in western NC, we have a native azalea that blooms brilliant orange. It’s called a Flame Azalea — it might do OK in your climate since you’re in cool weather like were. They are just amazing — there’s nothing else like them. We also have Mountain Laurel, Kalmia latifolia, which grows right alongside the rhododendrons. Beautiful hexagonal-shaped flowers, and they bloom close to when the rhododendron do also. They like similar conditions 🙂 Just a few thoughts.

    Your yard looks lovely 🙂 Enjoy! Flowers and blooms have a sacred, blessing energy to them. An essential part of any South American ceremony or offering.

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