38 thoughts on “My forever princess

  1. oh, I am so sorry she is gone. May that hole in your heart become less jagged and painful over time. I will never forget her, and I only knew her from afar.


  2. Sending hugs and sympathy for the loss of your precious princess. As hard as it is, I hope you can find some comfort in the knowledge that you gave her the BEST life.


  3. Oh NO!!! Our dearest little Sweetie! My mind can’t take it in. And now poor little Harvey left with no doggie companion. We feel your grief deeply, S/b – and we appreciate immensely the comforts and happiness you have given her over the last few years. We bless her memory.


  4. Sorry to hear this news. Your heart must be breaking right now. Hopefully it will mend in time. After the rain there is a rainbow.


  5. Sean, I am hoping, that at this time of almost unbearable heartache and grief, that you can find some solace in knowing that no better Dad could that Little Princess Rita Mae ever had than you. In return for your friendship, love and that warm, cozy, and safe place in your great big heart she gave you back her unconditional love and her own little heart. With time that gut wrenching feeling of loss, pain and anxiety well lessen some. Slowly but surely good and happy memories of your time spent with Rita Mae will replace the traces of tears on your face with smiles and those beautiful eyes will begin to twinkle again, You have a strong constitution and are a survivor. So go now and hug and comfort your husband, gather up Harvey Milk in your arms and cuddle with them both because the loss of Rita Mae is theirs also. As I go about living my life in the coming days I will be thinking of you. An old Persian adage goes “And this, too, shall pass”. Love from Woody in Oxford, Ohio


  6. I am so sorry for your loss. Please remember that you are a great pet Dad and you gave Rita Mae her best life up until the very end. (((hugs)))


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