I came, I saw, I napped

Upon arrival at the Condo, we discovered Jim had decorated for my birthday week:

Super decorations!

We unloaded the car, then headed to lunch at the Crown & Anchor on the patio. After lunch, we went grocery shopping, unpacked, and then took a nap.

After waking up and freshening up, we (The Hubby, the BFJ, and The BFJ’s hubby) met friends (a fabulous couple, one of whom works with the BFJ) for dinner at Ross’s Grill. The six of us had a great time, and conversation and laughter never stopped.

After dinner, we stopped back at the C&A Porch to hear Jon Richardson tickle the ivory at a piano sing along:

Our favorite piano man!

Roger behaved up until the end, but we had to cut our evening short when he decided he needed a new frock. (Hey, at least he was good for most of the day, which I’m grateful for.)

The BFJ and Hubby kicking my buttocks!

Today started out rainy, so the BFJ’s hubby made breakfast at their place (downstairs from our condo,) then we stayed in playing games, watching movies, and napping. Also, we ordered a delicious GF lunch from Mac’s Fish House down the street, which Jeffrey graciously picked up.

The weather has cleared up, so we’re enjoying drinks on the deck before meeting the BFJs hubby after T-Dance for dinner at Jimmy’s Hideaway.

Cheers, Queers!
Selfie Stick Shenanigans!

Roger has been good so far today, so hopefully he’ll stay on his best behavior until after dinner.

Fingers crossed!

10 thoughts on “I came, I saw, I napped

    • There’s a couple. When we’re here in season, we go every night. Currently, they’re only running Friday and Saturday nights. My favorite thing to do here. I’d love to go to One with you.

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