Let the good times roll!

As of 3:00pm today, I’m on vacation!

Bags are packed and Mogo (my car) is loaded. The house is cleaned for my mom and cousin to stay with Harvey and Rita Mae for the week. Tonight, we will have an early sushi dinner (via delivery) and then get to bed early so we can get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow and head out to the Cape and hopefully be in Provincetown Massachusetts by late morning.

The anxiety I’ve had about the trip all week is slowly being replaced by excitement. Honestly I don’t know what I’m more excited about, being in Provincetown for the week, or just being away from work for the week.

I imagine I’ll still post something every day, probably pictures or quick recaps of our daily itineraries, but if I don’t, it hopefully means I’m off having fun.

Stay safe, everyone!

8 thoughts on “Let the good times roll!

  1. Yeah!!! I am so excited for you to be able to have a wonderful birthday week! Party hearty and leave all your cares behind. Wishing I could sneak in the back of Mogo and travel with you. I look forward to your recap of the week. I hope you are having too much fun to post.


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