For your consideration (A Rant!)

How much better would the world be if everyone was more considerate, or considerate at all. If people acknowledged they lived in a community of diverse people with diverse wants and needs, and gave some thought, any thought, to how their words, actions, and behaviors might negatively impact others, especially in public or shared spaces.

This idea gets mocked as being “woke” or “politically correct” but it’s really just common decency.

It seems more and more people are developing the attitude that the world revolves around them, that they deserve “respect” without giving any, that they “deserve” things in life that they’ve never earned, or that asking them to show the slightest consideration towards another human being is an infringement on their civil rights, freedom of speech, or just way too huge an imposition on their personal freedom. And if the Universe decides to remind them that they are not, in fact, special in any way, and are subject to the whims and happenstance of life, they want everyone’s sympathy and empathy, even if they’ve never shown an ounce of it towards anyone else.

I understand where bitter, cantankerous, anti-social people come from. I am becoming one of them. I am growing very tired of the constant selfishness, rudeness, self-centeredness, sense of entitlement, and utter unwillingness to show any consideration to anyone for any reason.

COVID aside, I dread the thought of ever stepping on a plane or public transport again, paying money to go into a theater or show, or even patronize local businesses and entertainment venues, for fear their will inevitable at least one “Karen” or Coo-coo who decides they own the space and experience and everyone is obligated to cater to them and tolerate them as they selfishly disrupt everyone else with their callous and obnoxious behavior. I’m over it, and now the slightest act of insensitivity can almost push me over the edge.

Some day, when I disappear into a cabin in the woods and I’m never heard from again, it won’t be because of some giant cataclysmic fuck-you society experience from some world class ass-hat, it will either be one too many carts left askew in a parking lot, or one too many people playing candy crush in the doctor’s waiting room with the volume on and all the way up.

People suck.

15 thoughts on “For your consideration (A Rant!)

  1. You just said my rant. There are many nice people in the world but oh too many truly bad people the worst now being Putin who is causing so much death and destruction in a country for no good reason. And then there are the Trump cowards who continue to support Trump and all his corrupt baggage. And now the Supreme Voirt dominated by right wing political hacks imposing their political and religious beliefs on all of us. I am not exaggerating when I say that if they had their way gays like us they wouldn’t hesitate to place in Nazi like concentration camps and exterminate us.

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    • I agree with you…it a possibility, and one I expressed when Dumpf was first elected, and I was told I was being paranoid…and now Roe v Wade is being overturned…which is only the first of several set backs, I have no doubt.

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  2. I was so over them before the pandemic started. My “favorite” is the younguns (anyone under age 40) when they play video games. I always thought you should greet new people with courtesy, but their deal is the opposite. When I ask them why, they say “Respect is earned, not given.”

    So… when they do something rude and I give it back to them that is now my catch phrase to them when they whine about it. “Respect is earned, not given!”


  3. There’s so many assholes in the world. Usually I just try to ignore them, think “ohmmmmmmmm” to myself and move on, but every once in awhile I snap. I can be a mean ‘n feisty bitch when I want to be. Like the time I engaged in a seat kicking battle with a guy in front of me who would not get off his cellphone in the middle of a movie in a dark theatre. Then I let the whole theatre know what I thought of him in no uncertain terms. That was a satisfying one to win.

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  4. I should change my name to Karen and be done with it.

    I often cause offence to others, but this is usually less because I am malevolent and more because I am oblivious. It does not occur to me that others might be distressed by my Candy Crush sounds.

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